AVALON School offers nature-based learning experiences for young people and change agents combining adventure, art and skills for sustainability in an multicultural, English-speaking environment.
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Groups of 20 students maximum · Organic & Local Food · Participants from 5 different countries · Bilingual Facilitators

Avalon School offers learning environments within stunning protected wilderness areas in the foothills of the Spanish Pyrenees.  The programs are led by a team of experienced outdoor guides, sustainability facilitators and language coaches.

This action-packed experience offers a combination of outdoor adventure (climbing, trekking, archery, solo time in nature), creative activities (ecobuilding, music, video, dance and land art), community development and personal skills: working in a team, taking part in practical permaculture, expressing thoughts, making decisions in a multicultural group and learning how to face the challenges of our time. 

Inspired by the international Gaia Education program, Avalon offers a time and place for intercultural exchange, sharing values, learning new skills and having fun, taking part in a pioneering education for sustainability program. For non-native English speakers, it is a fantastic opportunity to be immersed in the language. For native English speakers, this is a wonderful chance to be exposed to new languages, both Spanish and the languages of new friends from around the world. Join us on the journey.

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What Our Participants Say

Alejandro with full happinessThis is an experience that everyone should seriously think about. Firstly for the way you are treated and how the Avalon team connects with you, also for the values you learn and of course for the fantastic place and the people from different cultures you get to know. The experience is truly unforgettable. Thank you!.
Alejandro Cerda,
from Spain
banxayeu-169At Avalon I learnt so many new things I´ve never tried before.
I made friends with people from different countries and cultures and it felt like we were a family.
I’m so grateful to have taken part, the experience has been unforgettable and I hope to go back next year.
Banxayeu Casals,
aged 13, from Catalonia
ghadya169Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams! Avalon is the place to make this happen – because you’re not judged by your grades, but your personality. Although we came from different backgrounds and cultures, we shared the same goal – to learn from each other – because we need many hands to make big changes in the world.
Ghayda Hamoudeh,
aged 16, from Palestine

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